Virtual Photo Tours Pricing

Pricing is per Photo Sphere shot:              Current Shot Rate:          $85.00 Each

Minimum of 5 required. Keep in mind that Google requires 3 shots to lead the potential customer from Street View to your “See Inside” Virtual Photo Tour. So if you   purchase 5 shots, only 2 will be available for shots inside your business.

To estimate shots needed, determine the number of shooting locations you would need and then add 3 shots to connect to Street View to get the number to         purchase.

Examples of pricing:

1 standard store front room:                      5 Photo Spheres                               $425.00

3 shots to connect to street view and 2 interior shots. 10 POI shots included

1 standard store front 2 rooms                  8 Photo Spheres                               $680.00

3 shots to connect to street view and 2 interior shots in each room and a connector shot between rooms. 16 POI shots included

Large Restaurant                                              20 Photo Spheres                            $1275.00

3 shots to connect to street view and 2 interior shots each in 4 eating areas and a bar area (10 shots), plus 1 shot in the reception area, 6 internal connector shots between areas. 40 POI shots included

Additional Point of Interest Shots:                                                                           $25.00 Each

Pricing includes shooting the photography, post processing of the images*, quality control review with customer, posting the “See Inside” Virtual Photo Tour to the Google Street View/Google Maps system, assistance validating and setting up the customers Google+ account. POI Shots: In addition, our photographer will shoot 2 Point of Interest photographs for each Photo Sphere purchased and these will be included and delivered digitally. Guarantee: Customer must be satisfied with quality of the Photo Spheres produced  or job will not be billed and the “See Inside” Virtual Photo Tour will not be published to Google. We will re-shoot the job at no charge.  We also guarantee the quality of the POI shots but do not guarantee any suitability for purpose. All of our photography is shot by “The Photography Geeks”