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Finding and adding a Tag Cloud to a WordPress Site

I am new to WordPress development and I am working on my first WordPress site. I am using Headway Themes and the development is going smoothly. I do keep discovering additional functionality I need. Today I realized I would like to add a list of tags or categories to my blog page for users to filter the list of posts. After a little searching I found and installed the free Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget plugin Version 2.7.2 | By Rickard Andersson | Visit plugin site. All setup happens after inserting the widget into a sidebar widget area. There are six menus available:Data, Terms, Basic Appearance, Links, and Adv.Ultimate Tag Cloud The menu choice are intuitive and in a couple minutes I had a decent looking and functional “Tag Cloud”
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How to confirm an email was received

I often hear from clients that they hear hours after they sent an email that the recipient calls and says “They did not receive the email”. If you need confirmation an email you sent was received by the recipient promptly, there are two options in Outlook that can help. They are both available on the options menu.
  • The first: “Request a Delivery Receipt” will tell you that the recipients email server has accepted the email, not that the email has been read.
  • The second: “Request a Read Receipt” confirms that the recipient has read the email. However, the recipient has the option to not send the read receipt back to you.
In either case you will get an email back with the status of the delivery or read receipt. I recommend always asking for at least a delivery receipt on important emails. This tells you that both the senders and the recipients email servers are functioning. If you do not get a delivery report back within a minute or two this may be an indication of a problem. John Lammey